Cheap-mans Poly... Nov/Dec 2016

Anybody can craft-out a sneaky puck'n cone! whenever needed. ! Simply by knowing the right high street shops to source th'liquid rez...! Majority crafted using budget resins.. or more rather 'high street' resins, easily obtained by using an actual walk-in shop.
From the red stuff you can find at the local motor-mart in the fiber-glass section.. also discovered, that using bargain discount epoxy two-mix clear stuff alright too. Comes in this 'double-syringe' handy pack so every last drop gets plunged into the mixin'-pot! Zero-wastage.! One pack's enough for the intended coil and crystal point to fix pretty well, two of em' fill the cone complete.. Kinda murky tho, even if kept warm whilst curing.. not as transparent compared to proper clear-cast epoxy stuff normally used.
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